Construction works - ROOF SYSTEMS

The last touch of the building, i.e. the roof, is also part of our job. This is the part of the building directly exposed to weather conditions and hence it is extremely important to be sound and resistant. The modern roof system should combine efficiency, functionality, aesthetics and high energy efficiency.

What are the roof systems?

Building a weather and climate-resistant roof requires it to be approached as a complex system solution, not just as a layout of tiles.

One of the main advantages of the modern roofing systems, compared to the old building materials, is that all system elements are working better and are easier to install which makes them more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The good roofing system results in energy efficiency.

The resistant roof system, installed properly, is very important to the overall energy efficiency of the building.

In addition to complete replacement of the roof system EIS - Construction Company Ltd. is making rehabilitation and renovation of roofs and roofing systems for better heat insulation.