EIS – Construction Company Ltd. has its own style and approach to work. We can confidently say that we stand out in the industry with quite a few advantages.

We offer complete, complex construction solutions.

We are specialized in the construction of buildings and facilities of various purpose and functionality along with their adjacent infrastructure. Activities of EIS cover various construction areas. The company has obtained all certificates and construction permits issued by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.

We maintain high standards and comply with the modern construction requirements.

We apply the latest technologies in the execution of projects assigned. We trust our experts in the use of new, innovative materials. We pay attention to detail and comply with all requirements regarding reliability, sustainability and functionality of the buildings and spare no means, materials or efforts. 

Innovative design approach in strict compliance with project documentation.

We value the design creativity and combine it with strict compliance with technical documentation.

Flexibility and adaptability to job specifics.

We have excellent equipment and a team of qualified experts, which is an excellent prerequisite for flexibility in specific assignments. We can approach adequately and efficiently each single case in our work.

Efficient management.

The main factor for the proper project implementation is the project management. The EIS coordinators and managers have the required skills to manage projects of various types and scales. Whether we work on a public procurement contract or private investment project, our team members give their best. 

Maximum responsibility to the resources invested by the client.

Investments in construction of residential or industrial buildings are huge. We value the trust of our clients and therefore we approach each task responsibly and strive to do whatever it takes from the contractor’s side, for the quick return on their investments. We optimize as much as we can the technical processes, shorten the project execution deadlines but without affecting the quality of service.

The latest and most advanced technologies in the construction sector.

As we mentioned before, we welcome innovations, modern technologies and materials. Construction industry is developing at rapid pace and it is impossible to us to remain indifferent to its technological advancement. Depending on the type of construction there is a different, new approach and we at EIS, strive to be always up to date with it.

Quality and certified construction materials

The quality of materials is of utmost importance for the end result. We at EIS- Construction Company Ltd. use only certified materials for the construction of buildings assigned. The path and the origin of each material used can be traced back, and any material delivered at the construction site comes with a quality certificate.

Meeting the deadlines and strict adherence to linear schedules for completion of construction and assembly works.

Mutual trust is very important to us and therefore, we are very strict when it comes to deadlines. Very often we surprise our customer with works completed perfectly and ahead of schedule.

Exceptional efficiency and speed in the implementation of all stages, starting from rough construction and assembly works up to the completion of installation finishing works and adjacent infrastructure.

Compliance with requirements set out in the Rules and Regulations for Execution and Acceptance of Construction and Assembly Works.

We comply with all requirements to the construction of roads, streets, parks and gardens, irrigation systems and facilities, etc. We strictly implement the rules set out in the following ordinances:

  • Ordinance №15 on the Planning and Technical Supervision of Steam and Hot Water Pipelines 
  • Ordinance №28 on the Planning and Safe Operation of Vessels under Pressure
  • Ordinance №31 on the Requirements to the Planning and Safe Operation of Lifting Equipment