Show us your ideas and we will make them happen!

EIS – Construction Company Ltd. is specialized in the execution of projects of different scale, complexity and functions.

We like innovations.

We do not compromise on the equipment, tools and materials we work with. We like the innovative approach and we are always up to date with the latest technological developments. We constantly implement new technologies in the construction, planning and coordination of people and resources involved in the implementation of our projects. 

We highly value our reputation and defend it with the quality of our work.

EIS is a reliable partner in the implementation of industrial and civil engineering projects and public procurement contracts. Over the years we have completed numerous projects of different size and complexity, such as:

  • luxury residential buildings,
  • gated communities, 
  • public and multifunctional buildings,
  • administrative centers,
  • cafeterias and restaurants,
  • infrastructural projects,
  • sports and recreation facilities,
  • public utility infrastructure,
  • hydro-technical construction and environmental projects.

We execute construction and assembly works which could be broadly classified in the following categories:

  • metal and reinforced concrete structures; 
  • roof systems; 
  • façade systems; 
  • dry construction; 
  • hydro, thermal and sound insulations; 
  • flooring and finishes; 
  • engineering and reinforcement works; 
  • retrofitting and rehabilitation; 
  • pools and hydrological facilities; 
  • lifting equipment; 
  • electrical installations; 
  • structural wiring;
  • measuring devices and automation; 
  • water supply and sewerage;  
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning; 
  • mechanical and installation works; 
  • vertical planning and landscaping.

For all those years in construction EIS continued to add happy customers to its portfolio. We achieve these results by following the highest standards and requirements of the modern construction.