EIS – Construction Company Ltd. has its own facilities and equipment including 

Specialized construction machinery.

We have excellent facilities and equipment allowing us to complete many projects of varying complexity and scale. We own lifting equipment, electric and handing platforms, electricity generators, welding machines, water pumps, heating equipment, warehouse equipment, concrete machines, compaction machines, demolition machines, cleaning equipment, grinding equipment, cutting machines, air conditioners and fans, drilling and lifting machinery. 

We have our own shuttering and scaffolding.

We use different slab formwork systems with wooden tragers, falling heads, support towers, etc. the scaffolding we use in our work is suitable for either outdoor or indoor works depending on the project specifics.

EIS is a construction company working exclusively on high construction projects and therefore, it has robust formwork systems and scaffolding suitable for any type of building.

Fleet of own transportation vehicles.

We deal with transportation of construction materials, equipment and machinery for both the sites we work on and for our customers who chose this service only.

Our equipment and facilities allow us relative production cycle autonomy and maximum control over all supply chain processes. This is the reason for the prompt execution of tasks assigned. EIS is a construction company that meets all world-class requirements for quality of construction and finishing works.